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Creekside Elementary- Raises funds beyond the target!

Creekside Elementary- Raises funds beyond the target!

  • Location: Washington DC
  • Level: Elementary
  • Target: $100,000
  • Amount Raised: $126,000
  • PTSA Fundraiser’s Fee: less than 8%

From the small district of Sammamish, Washington DC comes forth the brilliant Creekside Elementary school. The school is well known for its warm and nurturing environment which allows the students to grow out of their shell and explore themselves freely.

Being a public school, Creekside faced difficulties to provide proper facilities with just the government funding. Creekside turned to fundraise in hopes of raising good money but the popular ‘third-party platforms’ kept up to 30% of the amount raised, as their fee charge. 

Giving away a big chunk of the funds raised was really putting a dent into the progress of the school and this is when they approached our parent company CodeNicely.

Inspired by the opportunity to help public schools in getting the financial security that they deserve, Codenicely came up with a digital product named PTSAFundraiser. 

The hard work that was put into making this product seamlessly easy to operate and manage was all worth it in the end when we saw the smiles on the faces of students and teachers.


Schools and educational organizations often raise money to fund new and exciting programs for their students, improve the infrastructure and so on.

The Creekside PTSA strives to provide our students with the opportunity for safe, fun, and educationally enriching activities by partnering with teachers, parents, and the community and by giving each child a legislative voice.


Creekside has set their goals clear and loud. They work every day to take a step closer in achieving these goals and be better than the day before. Having clear thought of what you want helps you to motivate in facing difficulties that may present themselves in the process. 

Following are some of Creekside’s major goals as a public school and what they wish to achieve: 

  • Foster a fun and creative learning environment in coordination with the school that encourages students to be natural learners.
  • Embrace the Issaquah School District’s Culture of Kindness and brings it to the forefront of the Creekside Community.
  • Continue to streamline, create and enforce uniformed policies that will make the volunteer experience easier.
  • Become more time efficient, and have a positive impact on the students, school and community.


What did Creekside do with the money?

The amount raised through our digital fundraising product PTSAFundraiser by Creekside Elementary was for following programs:

  • Science Toy Man Workshop
  • Literature based Drama Program
  • Social studies toy man workshop
  • Literacy and Cartooning program

These programs and workshops were targeted for different grades starting from Kindergarten to 5th grade. The programs focus on the overall growth of the students of different age groups. The difficulty level of these workshops and programs are set according to which grade the attending students were in.

Through different workshops held by the school, the students learn new skills and understand interesting facts and knowledge. These kinds of activities can help the students in recognizing their true potential and areas of interest.


Creekside Elementary sorted to fun and engaging activities for both students and parents to raise the money. Among the few events that are hosted, the major event that Creekside offers is Hawk-a-thon.

The Hawk-a-thon Fundraiser is the only major fundraising event that raises money to fund all of the above mentioned PTSA programs at Creekside. This program lasted for approximately two weeks beginning with the kick-off assembly in September.

This important program helped Creekside in raising needed funds that were used for student enrichment programs, sponsor family events, and provided teachers/staff with funds for classroom materials.

Apart from the main event Hawk-a-thon, Creekside also held a small book fair to promote reading habits in students. The books were made available at reasonable prices to the buyers.


When an event like a fundraiser is thought upon, the most important thing is to acknowledge the tendency of people getting bored and losing their concentration. In cases like these, the fundraiser does not reach its full potential and ends up collecting 50–70% of the set goal.

The school did an excellent job at motivating the participants by providing incentives for their achievements. The students and teachers are encouraged to bring in maximum funds with following offers:

PTSA Fundraiser’s Role

Creekside Elementary, like many other schools, was using third-party platforms to raise their funds and manage the proceedings of events. But as we mentioned before, those platforms were not customized according to the needs of different schools and kept up to 30% of the funds as their fees.

PTSA Fundraiser has provided them with an alternate platform which is better in many ways than the existing ones.

Our in house product, PTSAFundraiser is faster, easy to operate and customize and much more, in less than 10% as our fee

We do not want to loot your hard earned money. Instead, we want you to keep most of it and make the education of students better.

Hence, when we came in contact with Creekside Elementary, we were elated to be associated with them. Our product PTSAFundraiser helped the school in rising above and beyond their expectations.

The school set the goal of raising $100,000 through different fundraising events. Hawk-a-thon being the major one of the major events naturally accumulated a significant amount of funds for the school.

Creekside and PTSA Fundraiser were both very proud at the performance of the product and the outcome of the events was more than satisfactory at $126,000. The school was able to reach their full potential that they were never able to do in the past.

In turn, PTSA Fundraiser requested less than 8% of the funds raised as their fee for all the efforts that they put in for the successful conduct of Creekside Elementary’s fundraiser.



Here are a few lessons that we can learn from Creekside elementary and implement them in our own fundraisers:

  • Clear Goals: Creekside has managed the events with rigorous efforts without losing the focus from their ultimate goals and targets. Being aware of the goals at all times allows the executor to analyze their current situation and make necessary adjustments to correct their course to achieve the desired results.
  • Proper Research: Creekside used different platforms before coming to Codenicely for a solution. We do not learn from the good choices only but from the mistakes of others as well. Conducting proper research before heading to do anything can save you from wasting money and efforts.
  • Dedicated Personnel: A dedicated team is like armour; it saves you from an unexpected turn of events and ensures that the work is done efficiently and effectively. A lazy and unfocused team has the ability to gravely endanger the sanctity of any project. Hence, surrounding yourself with people who are just as focused and passionate as you are is possibly the best asset to any organization.

  • Motivation: Creekside elementary was able to raise funds beyond their goals because of their motivated participants. As we have stated above, Creekside resorted to offering exciting prizes to students and teachers who raise most funds. When there is a prize at the end of the line, people are motivated to put in more efforts. Hence, motivation is very important for making a fundraiser successful.


Creekside Elementary switched to PTSAFundraiser from other platforms and flourished. Try it yourself to know the difference.

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