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5 most common misbeliefs about Online School Fundraising

5 most common misbeliefs about Online School Fundraising

Is your PTA still delusional about using an Online School Fundraising Platform?

Using new technologies can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when you don’t have proper time and resources in your hands.

Moving your Traditional School Fundraiser to an Online platform might seem to be a huge task to you and you may even happen not to opt it, after knowing all the benefits of shifting online.

Let us consider and solve all the problems that might stop you from trying your own Online School Fundraiser:

1. You need to have a website with a donation button!

No, this isn’t true. You do not need a website, rather some online fundraising platforms will help you build a new website for your fundraising campaign.

You can use the link of the fundraising platform itself to share or promote your campaign and collect funds.

2. This will need hours and days to shift online!

30 minutes. Yes, you just need 30 minutes to create a Fundraising Campaign for your school and that’s it, your PTA is ready to go!

Creating an online fundraiser needs a few details, like the name of your campaign, start and end date of the campaign, purpose, etc. so as to give some value to your campaign web page. Spending these few minutes on the creation of your fundraiser can save a lot of your volunteer hours.

3. Costly!

Rather, once you start using an Online Fundraising Platform you are going to find it cost effective.

There are so many platforms who don’t even charge any platform fees, such as PTSA Fundraiser, using which you can get real-time tracking of pledges, donations, goals, donors, classroom leader board and many more features with you keeping more than 97% of the funds.

4. Tough to manage & Lack of support!

Try it once. There is always a support team ready to help you just a call away.

Just like you have a team for managing and tracking funds in your traditional fundraising, online fundraising platforms have a team to help and support you. It is easy, simple and efficient.

5. Limits the reach!

Absolutely not true.

Online platforms give you all the choices to share your page on all the social media platforms and invite donors via emails. Your reach actually increases globally. Think about it, almost every person today is connected to you with one or the other social media platform or at least via an email account.


There are endless benefits and opportunities of using an online fundraising platform for your school’s annual fundraiser. 

Tell us what is stopping you. Connect with us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter and begin your first campaign.


Who are we?

We are a Digital School Fundraising platform using which you can create a customized fundraising campaign for your PTO absolutely for free. You get a campaign page with a sub-domain of your choice, Student Fundraising pages with Goal splitting capability, Parents can share the student pages on all social platforms, Invite friends & family via emails. PTOs can track donations/pledges in real time. The tool can save valuable volunteer hours that can be invested elsewhere.

So, start your campaign today with PTSA Fundraiser.

Happy Summers!